Gary Genosko

Abstract: “In this Sleep: Félix Guattari and David Wojnarowicz”

Guattari wrote a short catalogue essay for Wojnarowicz’s 1989 exhibition In the Shadow of Forward Motion, despite the fact that he knew little of the artist. Just as Guattari collected the dreams of Kafka, he admired Wojnarowicz’s collection of his own dreams in his published diaries and other writings, often introduced with the phrase ‘in this sleep…’. This oneiric cartography guides Guattari’s interpretation of how Wojnarowicz creates artworks as diaries in acts of existential recreation. We see here how the dream functions in schizoanalysis not as symbol-in-depth but as a machinic semiotics that, worked by plastic means,  provokes creative and perhaps even collective resistance by those who view, read or participate in the artist’s actions. This paper considers Guattari and Wojnarowicz through the role of dreams in schizoanalysis.