Symposium Schedule

9–9.15: registration

9.15–9.30: introduction by S. E. Wilmer and Radek Przedpełski

9.30–10.30: Anne Sauvagnargues |Deleuze, Becomology and Multiplicities: Towards a New Conception of French Philosophy in the Twentieth Century [session chaired by Radek Przedpełski]

10.30–11.30: Laura Marks | Taqiyya: A Genealogy of Arts of the Secret [session chaired by Jeneen Naji]

11.30–11.45: coffee break

11.45–12.15: short paper 1: Radek Przedpełski | Steppe Technics. Art as Intensive Engineering of Forces in Marek Konieczny [session chaired by David Crowley]

12.15–12.45: short paper 2: Steve Wilmer | Theatre du Soleil as Nomadic Art [session chaired by Chrissie Poulter]

12.45–14.00: lunch break

14.00–15.00: Oron Catts | Tissues With No Bodies—How Messy Living Fragments Become Art, and a Technobabble [session chaired by Laura Benítez Valero]

15.00–16.00: Audronė Žukauskaitė | Multiplicity as a Life: Deleuze, Ruyer, Simondon [session chaired by Matthew Causey]

16.00–16.15: tea break

16.15–17.15: Joanna Zylinska |The Multiplicity of Watery Mediations: HYDROMEDIA and WATERKINO [session chaired by Laura Benítez Valero]

17.15–17.45: Multiplicities—A Dialogue (Panel Discussion with Speakers and Audience, moderated by Radek Przedpełski)

17.45: wrap-up by Steve Wilmer and Radek Przedpełski

18.00: Reception in the Trinity Long Room Hub’s Ideas Space (second floor), sponsored by the French Embassy